About DavisDenny

DavisDenny is a team.  We’re also a team that builds teams. Teams that engineer best practices.  We have the broad ability to access relevant, talented specialists to navigate the paths to your goals.

DavisDenny prefers the attributes of agility to those of size.  We are flexible enough to propel your comprehensive strategic plan and limber enough to switch gears in a hurry. Our team searches and leverages influencers to make your clients and customers pay attention. Our work capacities are grounded in identifying what is ahead, targeting trends, exploring options, and shaping the brand opportunities to focus on growth.  Sustained growth.

We’ve spent the time, honed our craft and earned valuable experience in building, growing and fervently protecting brands through strategic processes and smart tactics.  Without a plan to produce ROI, there is little use for brand posturing.
Branding is not just a logo.
Branding is not just your image.
Branding elicits an emotional response from your customers when they hear your name.

After carefully and painstakingly crafting a message, delivery is key, whether through earned or paid media. Through strategic media relations and media buying, we deliver your message to the right sources who deliver it to your target markets.  DavisDenny works across national, trade, regional and local media outlets to garner targeted coverage and prime placement for clients.  Our media database is substantial.   But the people we don’t know, we can know.  To affect your bottom line, we leverage our relationships and develop new ones to present the right message to the right people at the right time.  DavisDenny works to make earned media dovetail with paid media sources to produce maximum coverage.

DavisDenny is defined by spot-on creative work.  The late David Ogilvy, a scion of modern advertising, once said, “If it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative.”
In nearly 25 years of serving clients, we have delivered creative work on time and on budget.  Some say there are no rules in the creative process.  That may be true, but there IS good creative and bad creative.  We know the difference.
We believe in our clients.  And we believe in our work.